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HSL is an Seychelles owned well-established and highly regarded  business, operating since 2005. Our hospitality product range is imported from different countries and undergoes quality assessments before shipping, Our long term commitment and relationships with manufacturers and suppliers ensures continuous supply and product range longevity, thereby giving you the reassurance that you are receiving extremely competitive pricing on products that are fit for purpose with a range constancy.

Quite simply our speciality lies in supplying Industry with an extensive range of hospitality suppliers such as food products, hygiene products, hospitality equipment, hospitality tableware, and sport and leisure equipment. Our front-line team are very experienced in the industry. We pride ourselves on being able to meet your needs, with either sourcing the right product for the job or in the unlikely event we can’t assist, we will point you in the right direction.  Our objective is to meet your needs through professional and prompt service. HSL has over 15 year's industry experience and the capability to service customers in Seychelles.

HSL imports come from 30 countries from all continents to our tiny island market. Many of the International brands that exports to over 100+ countries are appreciative of our adoptability in understanding our consumer’s needs, aspirations and expectations and our ability to provide them Great Value for Money by being conscious of what we offer to our consumers makes us stand apart from normal traders who buy and sell anything for a price.

Our Mission
To be the Leading credible Importer and to sustain it.
Our Vision
Be passionate, conscious and choosy in what be offer in Seychelles.
Our Values
Genuine Care for lives.