“South Africa’s wine-making tradition dates back to 1659 when the first wines from grapes was produced by the first Governor of the Cape. With the arrival of the French Huguenots between 1680 and 1690 the wine industry started flourishing, as the Huguenots brought with them the French expertise and knowledge of wine-making. They had to adapt their wine-making techniques to the local climate and the end result was wines of distinct character and quality.

Cape Wine Works presents with great pride the Bardo range of quality South African wines. All our wines are selected from well-established wineries and vineyards in the Western Cape region which enjoys a moderate Mediterranean climate and where the vineyards are cooled by evening breezes off the cold Atlantic Ocean.

After selection of the wines, the individual cultivars are blended according to our own specifications and delivered for packaging at a state-of-the-art UHT facility in Cape Town. Bardo wines are ready to be enjoyed at the time of packaging and does not require any further maturation.

Tetra Pak cartons have proved to be a versatile and consumer-friendly packaging format for wine, not only saving on packaging costs and weight, but also reducing the risk of breakage - perfect for the home and appreciated by the outdoor enthusiast. Our 1L packs also have a re-sealable screw cap, which enables the user to enjoy Bardo wines by the glass and refrigerate the rest for the next occasion.

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